Next gig: Friday, June 20th: Cafe Metropol, Los Angeles.
Andre's music is now available at iTunes and > andre lafosse: altruist music dot com

"Andre LaFosse is truly one of my favorite musicians; his deeply signaturised music is simultaneously both 'statement' & 'commentary', and signals a beautifully clear & concise call to the bright future of an instrument previously known as 'guitar'. HA!"
(david torn / splattercell, 2003)

"If you think you've heard everything a guitar can do, Andre LaFosse would like you to hear something. LaFosse's second solo record, Normalized, is essential listening for any guitar player, if not simply to see the incredible untapped sonic capabilities of an instrument that was previously thought by some to have been played every way possible."

"The 18 tracks on Normalized show Andre's dazzling mastery of his insrument, and more importantly, his ability to execute densely packed improvisations that rock your booty as well as blow your mind."

"Andre LaFosse is a really creative guitarist/composer people should be checking out."
(Mike Keneally)

"When I resurface after a long winter's hibernation this is exactly what any smarter than average bear needs to take his mind off the state of his personal grooming. Proof positive that there is hope amongst the mouskateer ra ra Pat Boone with an exposed nipple bubble gum bathwater music. And just be thankful that he only has the factory spec number of limbs."
(Reeves Gabrels)

"LaFosse - as evidenced on his second disc, Normalized - wields his ax like a DJ manning the wheels of steel... his ability to arrange using unconventional means can be likened to that of musical revolutionaries like Frank Zappa or Miles Davis."
(Ink 19)

"Rhythmic, grooving pieces with fuzzy guitar melodies on top... A cool experiment that luckily turns out to be musical and interesting."
(Tape Op Magazine)

"Along with his first outing, Disruption Theory, Normalized displays the depths of LaFosse's genius and explains once more why he's grown a reputation within the guitar community as a fresh voice that deserves wider acclaim. If you've not yet heard Normalized or Disruption Theory you owe it to yourself to do so today. Artists with LaFosse's impact are rare, unique, and deserve to be heard."
(Sea of Tranquility)

"Andre LaFosse is an astonishing guitarist of a very different ilk. On Disruption Theory he lets fly with some incredibly fast, weird, and funky playing over drum & bass backing tracks. Fripp and Zappa, step aside."
(MOJO Magazine)

"An advanced guitar clinic, with equal parts technique, technology, and taste... For electric guitar enthusiasts everywhere, this one's essential."
(Alternative Press Magazine)

"His six-stringer is pumped up with energy, creating a firestorm of pyrotechnics and burning sounds, but with a sensitivity to weirdness and experimentation. Here is one that deserves the title 'unique'."
(Expose Magazine)

"A spectacular collision of manifold musical thoughts and patterns."
(20th Century Guitar Magazine)
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