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custom discs

Personally selected CD-Rs of non-album material.
Ordering Status: OFF-LINE - Custom disc burning and shipping is temporarily on hold.
What Is It?

A way for listeners to obtain personalized CD-quality anthologies of material in the sound archive, and a way for me to distribute my work without having to deal with the creative and financial pressures of presenting it in the context of a "real" (read: musically unified, full-length, mass-produced, factory-pressed) album format.

What You Get: Sound, Quality, Packaging

The actual audio on the custom discs is uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 kHz - standard CD quality sound and resolution, which I have mastered to the best of my ability. The RealAudio streams and mp3 files in the sound archive are compressed file formats, and are not representative of the full quality of the actual CD audio itself.

Each disc is burned at 1X or 2X. These are the two slowest speeds a CD burner can write at, and I'm burning the custom discs at slow rates in order to ensure optimum readability and quality.

The discs being used are Kodak Ultima Gold CD-Rs, which are regarded as arguably the finest CD-Rs available. At the moment, each disc in the current batch I have ready can hold up to 74 minutes of material.

Each disc contains a printed front sleeve and tray card for the jewel box, which lists your selected track listing, the custom disc number, and your name. When you order a custom disc, you can choose from one of five different design layouts (pictured in the column to the right).

There is, however, NO STICKER on the face of the CD itself! Why on Earth not?

- Not buying printable stickers for each custom disc allows me to keep the cost of the discs lower.

- Spending less time designing and printing CD face stickers gives me more time to spend burning the discs, as well as doing things with my life other than making custom CD-Rs, thus providing another incentive to keep the price of the discs down.

- And on the bright side, each disc is hand-authenticated! :)

How It Works

Follow these five easy steps:

1) Check the top of this page for "ordering status." This is simply an indicator as to whether or not I'm presently able to burn and ship custom discs. If the status is "On-Line," then go on to step two. If the status is "Off-Line," then custom discs are temporarily on hold for one or more logistical reasons (i.e. I need to use the computer a lot, I'm on tour, I'm waiting for more CD-Rs from Kodak, etc.)

2) Choose the material you want on a disc from the sound archive. You can choose just about anything, with the following limitations:

  • Nothing from the "collaborations" section can be chosen, since it draws on work with outside artists.
  • The maximum length of time I can presently squeeze onto a CD-R is 74 minutes.

    Here's a quick and easy shortcut: each page in the sound archive has a "total running time" for all the material in that section, to make it easy to figure out how much time each category will fill up. (In the case of the latest developments, each seperate sub-section has its own total running time listed.) Each individual track in a given section also has its own running time listed, right below the title.

    3) Choose the layout and design you want for your disc, from the five options to the right. Keep in mind that the name of each layout is immediately below the design it identifies. (In other words, the "Swirl" layout is at the top of the page, and the "Sphere" design is at the bottom.)

    4) E-mail me your running order and layout choice. Along the lines of step 2, you can request material on a section by section basis ("Burn me a disc of 'Echoplex Solos, Dec. 2001' please!), or specific requests/additions/substitutions (i.e. "Gimme 'Disruption Theory Extracts,' minus 'The Difficult City,' plus 'Turntablist Guitar Continuous Mix #1'). Once I've verified that your selections are A-OK, I'll send you a confirmation E-mail with the full track listing.

    5) Once you've gotten my confirmation, place your order for the disc via CD Street, the online distributor which is handling order processing for the custom discs. You can order the disc online, or place the order by telephone at 1-877-692-7999 (toll-free within the US).

    You're done! Once I get confirmation from CD Street on your order, I'll burn the disc and ship it off to you. Please allow three to four business days for me to get the stuff burned, printed, and sent off, and check with CD Street if you have any questions about billing, return policies, etc.

  • #1: The "Swirly" Layout.

    #2: The "Curve" Layout.

    #3: The "Bean" Layout.

    #4: The "Weird" Layout.

    #5: The "Sphere" Layout.

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