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A list of releases I've appeared on: each of my solo albums, as well as other recordings I've contributed to. Click each title for more information, sound clips, and ordering information.

"Turntablist guitar": a live performance style using real-time looping and sampling technology. Forget arguments about whether or not a DJ is a musician - this record asks, "Can a musician be a DJ?"

Every sound on this album was made by an electric guitar, but this CD has very little to do with "guitar albums" in the traditional sense. This is a funk - glitch - hip-hop - IDM album... that just happens to have been performed live, on a solo electric guitar.

You'll probably think you're hearing drum samples, synthesizers, and even vocals throughout the 18 tracks of this 73-minute record, but it all comes from bare hands on steel strings. There are very few "guitar solos," but loads and loads of funky, glitchy guitar-loop grooves. Basically, Normalized is an avant-garde party record. (Click for more info and sounds...)

Disruption Theory

Drum & bass, prog, jazz, techno, and classic rock are some of the far-flung elements fused together in this debut album, where both live and looped guitar work is merged with highly complex drum programming and studio production techniques.

This is a guitar album that explodes the preconceptions of what a "guitar album" is supposed to sound like, and drew strong praise from far outside the "guitar music" realm (including publications like Alternative Press, MOJO, Outburn and Expose'). But it's still driven by lead guitar, framed by sweeping atmospherics and high-BPM beats, across six extended tracks which add up to nearly an hour of music. (Click for more info and sounds...)

half-pint demigod

The "lost album" I made between Disruption Theory and Normalized, finally released at the end of 2005. While it's not exactly an "Andre LaFosse" album - there's no guitar or Echoplex playing from me to be found here - this record was a hugely influential and significant step for me, and ended up shaping an enormous amount of the direction I took in the mid-2000's. (Click for more info and sounds...)

Beyond The Foggy Highway

A live record from pianist/composer Chris Opperman, which features me playing - of all things - regular electric guitar with live instrumentalists. No, really. (Click for more info and sounds...)

Derailed Soundtrack

This soundtrack album actually contains little music that actually appeared in the film, but I managed to squeeze my way onto a couple of tracks here. (Click for more info and sounds...)